Overview of the Genealogies

There are at least two distinct lines and probably more of Crosmans currently in America.

The Connecticut line descends from a Bartholomew Crosman who was born in England and came to the New World. He settled in the New London area of Connecticut. Bartholomew married Elizabeth Rogers. They had two known children John and Elizabeth. John married Elizabeth Graves (1) and Lydia Beckwith Huntley(2). From the first marriage in 1728 was born a Thomas Crosman among others.

I have a Thomas who was born in Morris County, NJ in 1759. He moved to New London when he was 8 years of age and was raised to adulthood there. A Thomas Crosman purchased land in New London in 1767, the same year my Thomas moved with his family to that location. This is circumstantial evidence that the purchaser of this land was my Thomas' father. There are no other known Crosmans in New London during this period. And, the Massachusetts line described below shows no one in the New London area or even a common use of the name 'Thomas'. Additionally, there are no known Thomas' born or living of land owner age other that the Thomas born of John and Elizabeth. I therefore believe that this Thomas who purchased land in 1767 is the son of John and Elizabeth. As such he would have been 31 years old when my Thomas was born. Due to this and the timing and location of the land purchase I believe he is the father of my Thomas born in Morris County, NJ.

This is the weakest part of this genealogy. Everything else, with the exception of typos or spelling errors is accurate and documented.

The other line descends from John and Robert Crosman who helped found Tauton, Massachusetts about 1640. This line has been well documented for years. It appears most Crosmans currently alive come from this line. I come from the former. I am the fourth great-grandson of Thomas Crosman of New London.

My grandfather in the 1920s and 30s was in contact with a number of Crosmans. I've put together some information about them and some other misc. Crosmans we've come across.