In order to obtain the benefits of the Act of Congress of the 7th of June 1832

State of New York

County of Ulster

On the Eleventh day of September in the year 1832 personally appeared in open Court before the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Ulster. Afore said now setting Thomas Crosman a Resident of the Town of Wawarsing in Sacia County, aged seventy three years who being first duly sworn according to Law then on his oath makes the following explanations in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress ???? June 7, 1832.
That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers as a service as herein states -- the on the first day of May in the year 1775 he volunteered in New London in the State of Connecticut in what was called the states troops under Capt. James Chapman of New London in Col. Parson's Regiment for the time of eight months during which time I went about fifty miles to Newbury Port in the army Commanded by Benedict Arnold at the time said Arnold moved to Canada -- was taken sick at Newbury Port and remained there for about three weeks. After which I returned to Roxbury near Boston and found the Regiment that I first volunteered service in said regiment The term aforesaid of eight month and received discharge on the last day of December.
On the day following being the first of January in the year 1776 I again volunteered in the same Company and same Regiment for the time of one year and remained in that one town of Roxbury until the British left Boston. Then marched to New York leaving Boston sometime in the month of April. Was engaged in New York building a fort and digging a well. I went from New York to, I think, Powlers Hook and was there engaged in building a fort. During said time of building said fort I encamped at night in the City of New York. June of said season Col. Parson was promoted to rank of General, and major Tyler appointed a Col. to supply the place and Capt. Chapman was promoted to the rank of Major. The same season I was also employed in building Fort Washington on York Island. After which I went and was engaged in building Fort Independence on the heights above Kings Bridge and then returned to the City of New York it being in the month of August - remained in said city of New York until about the middle of September when the whole army evacuated said city and marched to the said heights above Kings Bridge where I remained about three weeks and from there we marched to White Plains at which time one Christopher Darrow came through the camp building up the Volunteers to go on scouting parties to watch the motions of the enemy in which service I was engaged in various expeditions to East Chester, up western bank New Rochelle and by which time my term of one years service expired.
And further in the year 1777 think in the month of February I volunteered under Capt. Nathaniel Gait in Col. Saltonstall's Regiment for eleven months in New London and was stationed in Fort Trumball in a Company of artillery and finished by time out in said fort -- and in the year of 1778 in the month of February I ????? on board the ship 'Oliver Cromwell' (as a private) of 20 guns then laying in Boston harbor and sailed the 22nd day of March. Said ship was commanded by Capt. Timothy Parker of Norwich Ct. John Chapman of New London first Lieutenant - during our cruise in said ship we had a battle with the British ship called 'Admiral Keppel' of 18 guns and the ship 'Cryus' of 10 guns and captured them both and brought them into Boston. Said cruise continued about six months. Then in the 17(80?) I volunteered in the town of Read in Farfield Co. CT in a Regiment commanded by Col. Bebe for the term of nine months - and went to Housnick in the state of Connecticut and while there was called upon and went to Long Island to a place call fire inlet and took Fort George with fifty-two prisoners and returned to Housnick and remained during our times of engagement and was discharged.
That is his entire story furnished by the war department and put by the court he answers the first
That he was born in Morris County in the State of New Jersey in the year 1759 the 17th day of August - that he lived there until eight years of age and the moved with his family to New London in the State of Connecticut where I resided at the time of my service in the revolutionary war.
That he has no record of his age.
That he lived at New London Connecticut when called into service and from there I moved to the City of Hudson about the year 1783 or 4, that from there he moved to Cocksackie and lived there about 7 years. that from there he moved to the town of Woodstock in Ulster County and lived there about 7 years and that he then moved to the town of Hucheston then, now Warwarsing by a division and has lived there then and he lives there now.
That he always returned as a private in the Connecticut State Troops as set forth.
That in the 1st engagement as aforesaid in the year of 1775 he was with and set forth with Colonel Arnold - that at Roxbury as aforesaid in 1775 General Ward was there and General Spencer who I think was ?? General but will say so positively.
that we had found ??? Picket Skinmaker, thus that the Army of Gen. Gage was, the British Army lying near that ??? as he thinks.
That in the 2nd engagement while out on one of the scouting parties as set forth under Captain Darrow in the year 1776, we attacked a British guard guarding a British store of liquors - that there were about 100 kegs of liquor stored at New Rochelle he thinks it was called - and had a very severe battle in taking the same and succeeded and stove the casks and returned to the camp.
In the 3rd engagement as he has set forth ??? ???? and as fully as he now remembers.
That he never received a written discharge.
That he produces the affidavits of Christopher Darrow his Captain aforesaid, one of a Mr. Elsworth whose testimony is herein to attached - And produces in Court Howard Burn & Charles Harthorn & George Lawson & Robert H Willard to prove his ?? now & good character_________
That he could not produce the Clergyman in Court from the neighborhood of his missed man t bring from house to Albany ____________
He hereby relinquishes every claim a ??? to a pension or annuity except the present and such ones, that his name is not on the pension role of any agency of any state
Sworn to and a subscribed this day and year aforesaid
A D Topee First Judge
W Handinbugh
Aom A. Dejo Judges
John Pensen
We Howard Burn & Charles Hawthorn & George Lawson & Robert H. Willard do testify that we are residents of the same neighborhood in the town of Wawarsing where the aforesaid Thomas Crosman resides who has sworn to and subscribed the aforesaid declaration that we have attended to the investigation of this matter aforesaid before the Court and agree in the opinion of the court that he was a revolutionary soldier as he has set forth and as such stated as aforesaid that he is a man of unblemished character ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? and as ??? to full court.
Sworn and Subscribed this day and year aforesaid (signed by Charles Harthorn, and others indistinquishable)

This document is a transcription of a declaration made before judges by Thomas Crosman for the purpose of claiming a pension as a result of his revolutionary war service. The signature was scanned from the original document.

The original resides in the National Archives of the United States of America. This copy was transcribed from the National Archives Microfilm Publication entitled "Select Records From Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land-Warrant Application Files" Roll 234 Crose, Philip - Croswell, John