Historical Contribution by Individuals with the Cros(s)man Surname.

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From Feb 23 to Mar 6, 1836 a contingent of volunteers resisted the overwhelming forces of General Santa Anna at the Alamo near San Antonio Texas. The Mexican forces prevailed and it was not until many years later that the territory was regained for the US. Santa Anna killed almost every American including Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and a Robert Crossman.

Robert Crossman, 26 years old must have been a mercenary or adventurer to be so far from his birth place of New Bedford, MA. He was born in 1810 to Samuel Vinson Crossman also of New Bedford. Samuel Vinson was the son of Ebenezer Crossman b. 1743 and Mercer Dean. Ebenezer Crossman was the son of Robert Crossman b. 1707 and Martha Gossett. Robert died July 6, 1799 and is a descendant of the Robert Crossman/Sarah Kingsbury Massachusetts line

The information on Robert Crossman was obtained from records available at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

Thanks to Hartley W. Eastwood at [email protected] for providing this information.

Thomas Crosman (b.17 August 1751 Morris Co, NJ, d. 18 April 1848 Wawarsing, NY) served for almost 8 years during the American War of Independence. He started on the march with Benedict Arnold to Ft. Ticonderoga but fell ill. Marched with General George Washington to New York and was involved with the building of Fort Washington there. Was at the battle of Brooklyn Heights. He also was a seaman for a time and served on the ship that captured the British ship the 'Oliver Cromwell'. This information is fully documented in his Declaration for a Revolutionary War Pension.

William Henry Crosman (b. 26 April 1866 Goodfield, IL, d. 14 August 1944) was for a time the mayor of the small town of Ogden, Boone County, IA. He also owned and operated the first 'Ford' dealership in that area. Photo of Wm Henry 14k ---- Photo of Dealership 79k